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Mobile Home Loans

Mobile Homes

Only mobile homes that are not permanently attached to real estate may be financed.

  • 8 year maximum term
  • Maximum amount financed on NEW or USED mobile homes- 80% of the invoice price or appraised value.
  • An appraisal will be required on all used mobile homes. The appraisal must state that the mobile home is not permanently attached to real estate
  • The member must submit documentation that a new mobile home will not be attached to real estate
  • A Dealer Invoice (New) or a Bill of Sale (Used) must be submitted with the loan application
  • The credit union must be notified if the mobile home is to be moved
  • A flood determination will be done on all mobile home loans. The member must obtain flood insurance if the mobile home is in a flood zone. The loan will not be approved until proof of flood insurance is received
  • Escrow of Property/School Taxes and Mobile Home Owners Insurance is required