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June 17th, 2022


Adult Financial Literacy Program

North East Welch FCU helps give families and individuals the skills they need to get out of their financial difficulties through one-on-one counseling and workshops. Our Credit Union has been helping area residents since 1953, helping them learn to manage their debt and achieve financial stability.

With us, you’ll be able to answer these questions:

•             Where is my money going?

•             Why is it such a struggle to make ends meet?

•             Will I have to file for personal bankruptcy?

•             Is there a way to get my creditors to stop hassling me?

•             How can I prevent money problems from happening again?

•             How can I learn to budget properly?

How We Work with You

It’s easy to work with North East Welch FCU. Our counselors start by providing a complete, confidential, and professional assessment of your financial situation. Once we both understand the facts at hand (your monthly income. expenses, debts, and lifestyle needs), we start to work with you to form a plan that gives you a fresh start.

  • We give you the tools, budgeting skills, strategies, resources, and ongoing support to take control of your current and future finances.
  • We can help you draft letters to creditors explaining the situation to possibly reduce interest and fees.
  • We also help you understand how to protect your identity to make sure your information stays yours.
  • We become your partner for as long as you need us!

Everyone learns differently.

Do you learn better in a group or in a quieter setting?

Situation 1:


Workshops are currently offered on a regular basis at the 4 N.I.N.E. Center at 105 Clay Street in North East, with plans to expand to other areas.

Are you an employer who would like us to speak to your employees? We can come to you! Our workshops enable you to gain a better understanding of how to better use your money and relieve stress.

Situation 2: 

One-on-One Counseling

One-on-one counseling is offered at both of our Credit Union locations. This choice works great for members who have their bank statements and bills ready for review. These sessions generally start with budget counseling to determine how to meet living expenses, repay debt, and meet other short- and long-term goals.

We also provide credit- and debt-counseling to help you achieve your financial goals.

Contact Us

If your or your organization is interested in North East Welch FCU’s financial education seminars or activities, please contact our Certified Credit Union Financial Counselors at cuoffice@newelchfcu.com