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COVID-19 Update

March 19th, 2020

Our members, our communities, and our employees are always our priorities.

North East Welch FCU is prepared to help you, our member, during difficult times such as these. If you have been financially impacted due to the Coronavirus, please contact us at 814-725-8190 or We will continue to monitor the situation and are committed to providing our members with regular updates. 

How we are working to keep our Members safe (updated April 9):

At the North East office, transactions are conducted through the drive thru. We are asking members to either use their own pens or to keep the pen that is sent out in the tube. Staff disinfect the tube and their hands before and after each transaction with EPA-approved disinfectants, and are working to provide each member with a small bottle of hand sanitizer to keep in their vehicle.

We understand that members with large trucks may have trouble fitting in the drive thru. Members may either enter using the parking lot to the west of ours (nearer to Thornton’s Laundry), making the turn easier, or you may stop your truck before turning into the drive thru and walk over – this will help prevent members from being struck while walking in the lane, and will still allow you to do your transaction(s).

At the Westfield office, transactions are conducted through the walk-up window at the Portage Street entrance. The outside podium is disinfected throughout the day, and staff sanitizes their hands before and after each transaction. As a reminder, please remember to keep a safe 6-foot distance in between you and the members around you while waiting in line.

While we do not require deposit or withdrawal slips to be completed under normal circumstances, during this time we are requiring you to complete them to simplify the process of handling your transactions. Please feel free to ask staff for extra slips or if you have any questions about how to fill them out. See the image in additional resources for more information on competing a deposit or withdrawal slip.

Details concerning the Stimulus Package (updated April 2): Aid amounts will be based on household income reported in 2018 taxes (or 2019 taxes if they’ve already been filed), and will average $1,200 for each adult earning up to $75K a year and married couples earning up to $150K a year. Check amounts will begin to phase out for individuals whose income exceeds the $75K threshold, and for couples who earn more than $150K. Individuals earning more than $99K, and couples with no dependents earning more than $198K, won’t receive stimulus checks. Each household will also receive an additional $500 for every child under the age of 17 living at home. You can look up your anticipated check amount on this calculator. The IRS will use your direct deposit information from your tax return to deposit your Stimulus check in approximately three weeks, otherwise you will receive a paper check in the mail. Learn more online at

Access Your Accounts (updated March 25) : You can access your accounts by logging in or enrolling for online or mobile banking. Our Online Services allow you to check your account balances, transfer money between accounts, deposit checks remotely, and pay your bills without the need to visit a branch. If you need cash, please visit one of the Surcharge-Free ATMs in the CU$ or Co-Op network – click here to find the ATM closest to you. Notice: The 4 withdrawals per month limit has been temporarily removed. While we are continuing to encourage our members to use their Debit Cards as ‘Credit,’ we understand that you may need access to cash. Please contact the Credit Union with any questions about debit card usage.

Scam Alerts (updated April 2): We would also like to take this time to remind you to watch out for scams, including fraudulent phone calls, emails, and text messages. We encourage you to check your account history online regularly and to notify us of any suspicious activity immediately. We would also like to remind you that we would never contact you by phone or email and ask you to verify account, card, personal, or online banking information – never give this information out. One scam currently making rounds concerns the COVID-19 stimulus check – please remember that the IRS will never contact you asking you to confirm your bank account information. If you already filed your 2019 tax return and used direct deposit for your refund, your check will automatically be deposited into your account

As an essential business, North East Welch FCU is still operating. Access to our branch lobbies may be made by appointment only. Our office hours have remained the same, and you may use the drive thru at the North East office or use the walk-up window we have created at the front of the Westfield office to conduct all types of transactions. Please contact the North East office at 814-725-8190 or the Westfield office at 716-326-4200 with any questions.